The first 25 companies to register a team will receive a special discounted rate and bonus goodies!

  • <30 Company Participants: $35/person
  • 30-59 Company Participants: $30/person + 15 FREE Extra Beer Tickets
  • 60+ Company Participants: $30/person + 30 FREE Extra Beer Tickets + FREE 10×10 team tent

Every Corporate Dash team starts with a designated Team Captain who is responsible for creating their company team and inviting co-workers to register. Whether you are creating a team as a Team Captain or joining your company team follow these steps to register:

STEP 1: Are you creating a team for your company as the designated team captain? – OR – Are you joining an already existing company team?

Select one below:

Create a Corporate Dash 5K Team

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Register for your company team


Step 2: You are taking the lead in the office and registering your company as a Team Captain!

Are individuals from your company paying their own entry fees? – OR – Is your company paying for a portion or all of the registration fees?

Select one below:

Register - Individuals Are Paying

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Register - Company is paying


Step 3: Your company is paying a portion or all of the registration fees for your company team!

Fill out the form below and a representative from America’s Finest Corporate Dash will get back to you within 24 hours to set you up with your company code!

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